To the editor:

I am writing in support of Article 32 in North Andover’s warrant for annual Town Meeting on Tuesday, June 15. Voting “yes” for the article will provide the residents of North Andover the opportunity to conduct a thoughtful, coordinated assessment of the town’s direction relative to high-density housing developments.

The recent explosion of large-scale boutique, multi-unit housing projects in North Andover threatens North Andover’s infrastructure, such as public safety services, water supply and roads.

We need to take a breather on these types of projects so that we can fully absorb the impacts of numerous approved development projects and can assess the true impact of these projects on the town.

North Andover is at a critical crossroads. As citizens, we have the obligation to collectively, thoughtfully, in a coordinated fashion, temporarily and briefly, pause future high-density projects.

We owe it to ourselves, the residents of North Andover, our children and our seniors to ensure that our water supply is not depleted; that our infrastructure can provide adequate and sustainable levels of support; that our roads have the capacity to handle increased traffic; and that we prioritize affordable housing over profit.

Voting “yes” to pause enables us to make wise decisions founded in fact, not projections and estimates, that reflect the values, quality of life and character we want for our beloved town.

I am urging everyone to vote “yes” on Article 32.

Andrea O’Donnell

North Andover

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