To the editor:

It gives us a sense of security to have an elected official who truly sees his or her role as a public servant. It is further comforting to know that this person in public office advocates for the civil rights of all constituents and does not overlook the most vulnerable.

I recently saw these qualities in our representative in Congress, Lori Trahan, who issued a document informing immigrants of their rights in face of a national effort toward increased deportation. These rights include the right not to let Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents enter the home without a search warrant, not to speak, and the right to legal council with a deportation order.

How fearful it must be, for example, for someone who has been in this country 20 or more years, has had steady employment, perhaps owns a small business, has raised a family with the hope of sending children to college, has committed no crimes and faces being sent away, tearing the family apart.

An ICE agent shows up at the door, and the next moment that person is gone.

These immigrants wait patiently in the wings for immigration legislation that could protect them. They are, after all, the backbone of our country now; they are the new wave of immigrants who are bringing stability and innovation to this country, and I am not taking about those who commit crimes.

We are all immigrants or descendants of immigrants who came here when we were welcomed easily and in great numbers. We have built this country, and we need those with new visions to bring new life to this country.

Rep. Trahan, by simply informing these immigrants of their civil rights, gave them knowledge they might not have had at their grasp previously. She understands the humanity and worth of all people who live in her district, and we thank her.

Jane Thiefels