To the editor:

I am writing in response to the recent letter about the "far-left" agenda and its attack on "freedom."

Our Constitution is imperiled. Medical coverage for all and minimum wages for workers are all leading us to trillions of dollars in debt. The criticism all comes from a supporter of a president and Congress who managed to pass a single piece of legislation during the first half of President Donald Trump's term — ironically, a $1 trillion tax cut aimed squarely at the obscenely rich.

Just for the record, President Trump has obstructed justice his entire term in office, including by ordering his subordinates to ignore lawful subpoenas.

The U.S. Senate has violated its constitutional oath in blocking a U.S. Supreme Court nomination by a Democrat with a full year of his term in the White House left, while vowing to expedite a Republican's nominee even on the last day of his term.

Our Constitution was written to prevent the rise of kings in America. Now we have a man behaving like a king, and a Congress bowing to him.

I agree that our freedom is at risk, but it’s not because of whatever benefits our country bestows on those of us who are in need, it’s because of a president who befriends our enemies while alienating our allies, who slanders anyone who disagrees with him, and whose policies are ruining our natural resources and polluting our air and water.

The true enemies of freedom are our elected officials who do nothing that might harm their reelection, as our country and its Constitution are trashed by our unqualified leader.

Leonard Gallivan


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