To the editor:

I find myself in the unexpected position of being in agreement with the premise of Mr. Donald Moskowitz’s most recent letter to the editor, “Social media’s direct connections are dangerous.” It’s unexpected given my being politically progressive,  as my past letters to the editor make clear, versus Moskowitz being politically conservative, as his past letters to the editor make clear.

He asserts that masters of social media debase American politics. His letter starts right off by saying, “We are electing unqualified people to political office based on their ability to master the output of social media outlets Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.” Oh, how true, how true, as best exemplified by the election of the galactically unqualified Donald Trump to the presidency.

And I find myself in solidarity with his conclusion that, “Dictators of the world have been experts in mobilizing the masses for dire purposes,” as Trump does repeatedly through his incitement to racism and nativism of his followers via his use of social media.

Bob Pokress


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