To the editor:

Have you ever heard of the "Trump Curse”? It is the odd coincidence that almost every high-profile person who goes gunning for President Trump sooner or later ends up shooting themselves in the foot.

The corrupt Hillary Clinton, with her "basket of deplorables” gaffe, is probably the best known, but there is also lawyer Michael Avenatti, once touted as a possible presidential candidate, facing jail time for IRS violations. There's athlete Lindsey Vonn, who snarled that she would never visit the White House if she won an Olympic gold medal. She ended up in fifth place in her women’s Super G event.

And, of course, alleged comedian Kathy Griffith thought it would be funny to pose with the decapitated head of Donald Trump. Her career has been reduced to a smoking crater.

Which brings us to Red Sox manager Alex Cora. After Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico in 2017, Cora slammed Trump, implying that relief efforts were stalled to the island because Trump was a racist who hated Hispanics. Of course, like most leftists, Cora was wrong. Aid rotted at the ports because the island's corrupt politicians refused to release it unless their palms were greased.

Now the former Sox skipper finds himself out of a job and publicly disgraced in a sign-stealing scandal that will for years to come put a black mark by his name and taint the team he claimed to love.

The "Trump Curse" strikes again.

It couldn't happen to a more deserving clown.

Christopher DiGrazia


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