To the editor:

President Donald Trump's Washington swamp is drained and replaced with muck. Scandal after scandal follows Trump.

The Democrats have their sins. Gary Hart's infidelity led to his exit. We remember President Bill Clinton saying, ”I did not have sexual relations with that woman.” Democrats in Lousiana and Illinois have plenty of scandal. Massachusetts House speakers have been bought, wrapped and sold.

But nothing compares to what we see from Trump. From harassment of women to hatred of immigrants to threats of physical harm to opponents to a continual stream of lying, he poses a threat to America — as do adviser Kellyanne Conway, Vice President Mike Pence, budget director Mick Mulvaney and a host of frightened cowards who make obsequiousness a virtue.

Lying destabilizes a democracy. Trump convinces Americans that what they hear, read and see is false. We begin not to believe anything anymore from any news source. This tactic is one used by regimes that manage to gain control over an electorate. Watching Trump burn newspapers or books would not surprise us. Truth itself becomes a dishonest thing.

Trump admits to not reading and only watches news that praises him.

It was done in 1930s Germany: Books were burned, universities closed, professors and teachers persecuted. It happened under Mao Zedong in China. Journalism is a mouthpiece for fascist governments: What happened to journalism in communist Russia and China began in the same way it’s happening here. Only those who promote their regimes are considered “truth-tellers.”


Fortunately, our military leaders speak out against injustice. They does not march on our institutions of government and takeover at the barrel of a gun. We are fortunate that our military brass often refuses to follow dictums from Trump. This would be treasonous under most leaders. But our military leaders recognize incompetence, and most are motivated by ideals not personal gain.

In my lifetime, this is the first time political supporters have encouraged killing immigrants or jailing political opponents. This is the first time we have abandoned allies internationally. This is the first time we have embraced conservative minded dictators in North Korea and Russia.

It’s the first time a president has so openly denigrated women. It’s the first time we have normalized foul language.

Sadly, however, it’s not the first time GOP evangelicals and Christians have so enthusiastically embraced infidelity, lying, immorality, betrayal and dishonor. Lack of education and disrespect for science is a virtue.

Look for violence-promoting and hateful rhetoric at Trump’s rallies. Look for more rhetoric to fix gun laws, vaping laws and election laws — only to have no action from Trump or his allies on Capitol Hill.

Out worst days are ahead. If you have anxiety now, imagine Trump’s presidency followed by that of Pence. When his supporters march down our streets, with guns and Bibles in hand, remember that you were warned.

Kim Casey


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