To the editor:

In response to the Sound Off writer who asked for evidence that President Trump has brought jobs back to America, here's a list:

Ford saved 3,500 jobs, created 700.

Dow Chemical built a new building and added several hundred jobs in Michigan.

Trans-Lux was formerly 100% in China and has now moved 100% to America.

Sprint added 50,000 jobs plus $50 billion in investments in the U.S.

GM created/retained 1,500 jobs, and pledged about $4 billion in investments.

Carrier kept 1,100 from going to Mexico.

IBM pledged to hire 25,000 workers in four years, plus $1 billion worth of investment.

All of these companies made these announcements while Trump was either president-elect to "stay ahead of the curve,” as one CEO put it, or during Trump's presidency.

According to the Reshoring Initiative, a nonprofit that keeps track of jobs returning to America, there have been 300 to 400 manufacturing companies that moved back into the U.S. since Trump took office, as of December 2018.

This is due to our lack of dependence on foreign oil — something Obama said was impossible — and high import tariffs that Trump enacted that make it cheaper to manufacture jobs in the United States, rather than import from somewhere overseas.

The reason job creation has slowed is because instead of helping the economy, the Democrats want 90% wealth taxes, $93 trillion for the “Green New Deal” and a $52 trillion Medicare plan, while trying to undo everything Trump has done.

Political hatred cannot rule the day. Trump has made the economy great, yet Democrats still want impeachment. For shame.

William Smith


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