To the editor:

I don’t get it.

After watching President Trump pontificate his hateful and juvenile comments for over three years, you would think most people would have had enough. Yet, people continue to accept his bad behavior and support his antisocial antics and try to make excuses for his demeanor.

He is an amoral individual, and we need to stop him from embarrassing us and our country.

While I don’t agree with all of his policies, I can understand the logic behind some of his support because of his rigid conservative agenda. I can understand why people could be attracted to his anti-immigrant actions, his tax cuts for the rich, his appointment of conservative judges and his anti-government rhetoric.

What I can’t understand is how people can support a person who brags about walking into women’s dressing rooms while they change and touching them because he can. He makes fun of handicapped individuals. He condones and refuses to condemn racial hatred.

He calls anyone who has different opinions than he does derogatory names. He lies an average of six times per day. He bullies young people and, frankly, everyone.

If I did what he has done when I was mayor of Methuen, I would have been driven out of office.

No public official should treat people they way he does. It is disrespectful and disgusting, and condoning such actions is wrong. I had many citizens and city councilors disagree with me about things we were trying to do in the city during the six years I was mayor, but I never called them names or made disparaging comments about them.

If you like a conservative agenda, there are plenty of respected Republican officials to support and promote.

Don’t sell your soul to an amoral, unethical, uncaring human being. There are better surrogates for your conservative beliefs.

Dennis A. DiZoglio


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