To the editor:

President Donald Trump’s systematic attack on science and scientists is producing long-term damage to America’s ability to defend against the adverse effects of climate


There are many components to this attack, such as eliminating scientists

from advisory boards as well as preventing scientists at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency from providing data to agencies that are in charge of protecting clean water and air.

Department directors who are hostile to climate science are appointed to various departments on a regular basis. These appointments have resulted in rolling back clean air and water standards nationwide.

The Trump administration is currently locked in a lawsuit with the state of California seeking to roll back emission standards for automobiles, which have successfully improved air quality over the last several decades. Scientists have warned of the detrimental health effects to Americans with respiratory problem, to no avail.

A mining operation in Alaska is seeking permission to dump sludge from their operations into streams that contain the largest natural population of salmon in the world. Trump’s EPA has dropped its opposition to the current standards in support of the mining company.

The increasing frequency of Category 5 hurricanes that have wiped out a large portion of the Caribbean, rainfall that is now measured in feet instead of inches, and wildfires that cannot be controlled are all evidence of the increasing damage that is being done to our environment.

The only possible benefit to Trump’s environmental policies seem to be corporations' bottom line.

John Mosto

Salem, N.H.

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