To the editor:

President Donald Trump’s campaign is changing the way campaigns do business.

In my years of political activism, I have never seen anything like what the Republican National Committee and Trump Victory are doing.

After years of lagging behind President Barack Obama and his wildly successful community organizing approach to campaigning, the RNC literally used his playbook and improved it tenfold.

Instead of the traditional airdropping in legions of paid professional campaign staff, the RNC and Trump Victory have created a fellowship program, empowering their small teams to build a community of volunteers. Their staff never left the ground after President Trump won in 2016, and they never stopped building their community either.

When the coronavirus hit, the traditional way of campaigning went out the window, and everything was forced to switch to virtual. Because their teams were so prepared for this, the RNC and Trump Victory switched their entire nationwide operation to completely online, in under 24 hours.

Compare that to Joe Biden, whose team took four days to figure out how to set up a disaster of a Zoom call.

The RNC was only able to be so successful because of the time they spent building their communities.

During our recent National Weekend of Action, the New Hampshire Trump Victory team was able to contact more than 30,000 voters across the Granite State.

I am ecstatic to be a part of reelecting President Trump.

Philip Abirached


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