To the editor:

President Donald Trump is an agent of chaos and destruction. He pulls American troops out of northern Syria knowing full well that Turkey will invade (since President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan personally told him they would).

This has led to American troops making a headlong rush out of the country, the deaths of hundreds of Kurdish fighters, the displacement of up to 100,000 civilians, the escape of hundreds of ISIS fighters, Russian troops occupying former American military bases, and Russia and Iran displacing us as the main power brokers in the area.

This constitutes betrayal of our allies, sabotaging our role in the world, and giving aid and comfort to the enemy. If he isn't explicitly acting as a Russian asset, he might as well be.

Any rational person wonders why did this. This rash decision came immediately after a late-night telephone conversation with Erdoğan. Evidence and past behavior indicate that Turkey's president may have threatened to cut off the royalty payments from a pair of hotels in Istanbul that license Trump's name.

In other words, he caved to extortion.

Strangely, this conflict of interest has been completely ignored by the press.

The incident also shows that Trump doesn't care who gets hurt as long as he gets his 30 pieces of silver. Along with treason, this and hundreds of similar violations of the emoluments clause, and multiple attempts at obstruction of justice, should be added to his impeachment charges.

Michael Bleiweiss


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