To the editor:

I am absolutely sickened by the atrocities being committed by the Saudi Arabian government against innocent people in Yemen.

I am further appalled and disgusted that the United States continues to sell weapons to Saudi Arabia, which are being used to kill mass numbers of innocent people.

Weapons produced by U.S. companies, such as Raytheon and Lockheed Martin, have been and are being used to kill women, children and other innocent civilians in Yemen. School buses, weddings, funeral halls, hospitals and marketplaces have been bombed. Scores of innocent people have been slaughtered. A genocide is taking place.

The United States government cannot even pretend it doesn't have blood on its hands. We should not be selling or providing weapons to the Saudi government under any circumstances.

Not only is Saudi Arabia well known for executing children and being incredibly repressive toward women (among other numerous human rights violations), the fact that agents of its government were allowed to murder and dismember a journalist — and get away with it — is shocking and unacceptable.

When did it become acceptable for us to have such a morally bankrupt and corrupt country that we will provide weapons to such savage, uncivilized killers.

This situation is completely inexcusable and needs to change.

We are the citizens who live in this country. We make this country what it is, and our voices matter. We cannot accept this any longer.

If we want to build a better world we need to hold our government accountable

Matthew Mixon


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