To the editor:

As the recent incident of the escaped tiger named India in Houston shows, large cats do not belong in someone's house as a pet.

These are wild animals who deserve to be in their natural habitat because they can be dangerous and may attack people or pets if provoked or spooked.

Furthermore, businesses that allow people to play with baby lions and tigers need to be outlawed, as well, because once they grow up and are no longer useful to the industry, they are killed.

It is our responsibility as human beings to protect these magnificent and gorgeous animals and all wildlife that God has given us.

Therefore, I urge your readers to contact their federal representatives and senators and ask them to support the Big Cat Public Safety Act (H.R.263, S. 1210).

This bill would make it illegal for individuals to own big cats (tigers, lions, jaguars, etc.) as pets.

Kathy Casey


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