To the editor:

Very soon, Beacon Hill will have a rare opportunity to finally provide all schools with the adequate funding they need.

By enacting the Student Opportunity Act, our legislators would update the school funding formula and increase state education aid to cities and towns by $1.5 billion a year when it is fully phased in.

As approved by the Senate, the act would require local communities, including parents and educators, to develop plans explaining how the new funds will be spent to benefit students. This money could be used to provide more support for traumatized youth, keep special education services in-house, purchase more educational resources and technology in the classroom, update or replace aging buildings

We could bring foreign language classes and full-time band and choral directors back to every middle school. With the Student Opportunity Act, we can finally give our students the schools they deserve.

The important point is that local communities, not state bureaucrats, know best how the money should be spent to make sure all students receive a quality education. Let’s keep students, parents and educators at the center of this bill.

The bill is expected to be before the House of Representatives as early as Oct. 23. This is a chance for our representatives to be a part of history by passing the Student Opportunity Act, as approved by the Senate.

Our students can’t wait.

Anthony J. Parolisi

Civics Teacher, Consentino School

President, Haverhill Education Association

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