To the editor:

For the last two years, Powderhorn Outfitters in Hyannis has sponsored a coyote killing contest that awards prizes to hunters for killing the largest and most accumulative weight of coyotes.

The contest lasts for six months, and there is no limit to the number of coyotes that can be killed. Based on the gruesome photos that Powderhorn callously posts on social media, it appears that the winner of the 2018-19 contest killed 21 coyotes.

Killing contests are barbaric and unsportsmanlike, and they have been banned in Vermont, California, New Mexico and Arizona. As residents across the commonwealth are learning of these heinous killing contests, they are calling on the Massachusetts Division of Fisheries and Wildlife to ban them.

MassWildlife’s mandate is to protect and manage the wildlife of the commonwealth for the use and enjoyment of all citizens. As less than 1% of Massachusetts citizens are hunters, it is imperative that MassWildlife consider the views and values of the majority of the public who are overwhelmingly opposed to killing contests.

Over the next few weeks, MassWildlife will determine if it will draft regulations to ban coyote killing contests.

I hope others will join me in urging MassWildlife ( to consider the opinions and values of the majority and to ban killing contests

Monica Hope


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