To the editor:

Bob Scimone asserts to be looking "from both sides," but his vision is very narrow.

If President Donald Trump were so confident, why does he lie all of the time. He is "poison to democracy," as Stephen Colbert has said.

The only patriotic feeling in his wheelhouse is reelection. He is the anti-patriot seeking to sow discord and mayhem in this country. How does a patriot tell the "Proud Boys" to "stand back but stand by?"

If you call that patriotism, there is a missing link in your wheelhouse.

He may not be a dictator yet, but he has authoritarian tendencies; he has encouraged dictators and discouraged our worldwide friends.

He does not fight for our freedoms; he fights for reelection.

Why did he not fight COVID-19, which caused hundreds of thousands of deaths and can be directly linked to his policies? He does not believe in the scientific community, just in his community of Jared Kushner and the vice president.

He is an out and out racist, and if you can't see that, then once again you appear to be watching, exclusively, Fox News.

The Brits had it right when they flew a huge balloon of baby Trump. And why did he shut the borders immediately to people coming from the Middle East? He is anti-immigrant, isolationist and nationalist. Women don't matter to him either.

President Obama had the cages constructed, but Trump is the only one who filled them, he he filled them with children taken from their parents, 500 of whom cannot be reunited because his administration lost track of their relatives.

Finally, he has advocated violence from the very beginning, encouraging the beating of protesters. He allowed people to be sprayed with tear gas so he could march to a church for a photo op, holding a Bible upside down. Even Gen. Mark Milley was appalled that he was on the scene with him.

You earn respect, and Trump has earned no respect at all.

Sandra Brown


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