To the editor:

No surprise here — despite all our letters, petition signings and the nearly two-thirds of Americans who believe that a Jan. 6th commission investigating the U.S. Capitol riot should be formed, there was no chance that the bill would pass in the Senate. Not with a pro-President Donald Trump ideology still endemic in most Senate Republicans, six of whom actually broke ranks on May 28 to side with the Democrats in the 54 to 35 vote.

Even the plan to make the panel totally bipartisan, with five Democrats and five Republicans on it, failed to gain traction with the GOP.

Another little discussed point about GOP reticence to the independent commission is the fact that the investigation would be targeted toward the white demographic that the present-day Republican Party is depending on for the majority of its votes in both state and federal elections. They kept these voters happy with their blocking of the delegation.

And woe betide any GOP senator who favors the commission with the evil specter of Trump and the possibility of him running again in 2024 looming behind the scenes.

“Out of fear or fealty to Donald Trump, the Republican minority just prevented the American people from getting the full truth about Jan. 6,” Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., said after the vote.

One would hope that the American people would remember this latest disgrace by the Washington Republicans in next year's midterms, as the conservative cabal successfully belittled and insulted the American system of democracy, the damaged and violated Capitol building itself, the historic symbol of that democracy, as well as the five people who died that day in the riot. Wherever Trump is right now, the architect and instigator of the insurrection is smiling.

William F. Klessens

Salem, N.H.

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