To the editor:

Please don't make 2020 a choice between President Trump and a candidate whose policies most Americans will not support.

I hope the voters of New Hampshire vote for a moderate who will have wide appeal to the largest number of voters.

Trump will beat Sens. Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren in a landslide, because Sanders and Warren might excite a small segment of young voters but will depress turnout among those who are not on the far-left. They will also depress fund raising.

It is better to have a candidate who will have the widest appeal to more Americans, even if he is just OK, than a candidate who excites a minority of the electorate.

Moreover, down-ballot candidates will be have an uphill battle if a far-left candidate is at the top of the ticket.

Gaining control of the Senate and keeping control of the House are even more important if Trump wins re-election. Sanders and Warren have no chance of getting their proposals through Congress.

Any of the remaining moderates (Joe Biden, Michael Bloomberg, Sen. Amy Klobuchar, Michael Bennet, or Pete Buttigieg) have a better chance of beating Trump and bringing our country together to make progress on healthcare and climate change.

Please give us a candidate that most people who are not supporters of Trump can easily support. Please do not make defeating Trump harder than it already will be.

Gwen Windle


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