To the editor:

I support term limits for Congress not because I think we need to protect the people from members of Congress, but because we need to protect the people from themselves.

It does seem that a huge swath of voters pay little attention to what goes on in Washington.

The juxtaposition of Congress' poor approval rating yet soaring reelection rate speaks volumes about how uniformed, indifferent or apathetic the American electorate has become.

How many of us go into the voting booth and vote for a name that is most familiar, not unlike how we buy dish soap at the supermarket?

TV sound bites, biased journalism and social media disinformation all contribute to a culture of ignorance, confusion and helplessness.

We the people have forfeited our freedoms to a Washington-media cabal that feeds upon our gullibility while those in this unholy alliance enjoy political profiteering and record TV ratings filling the airwaves with gladiatorial investigative circuses.

So, please, let's do ourselves a favor.

Support term limits for Congress. Force-feed ourselves to become more informed, to pay more attention and to prevent our complacency from turning into our servitude.

Please go to and learn how to become an informed and powerful voice in America.

Theodore Xenakis


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