To the editor:

I am an academic tutor. One lesson I always try to impart to my students is how important it is that they use their individual voices to speak up and out, whether inside or outside of school.

The Legislature needs to pass the Votes Act to allow all citizens to do the same by reducing barriers to voter participation and making our elections more equitable.

The Votes Act will bring universal vote by mail, expanded early voting and same-day voter registration to the commonwealth.

The bill includes many more necessary reforms to simplify, modernize and update our elections so that everyone with the right to vote has the opportunity to vote.

While public attention is still on the elections, we need to pressure leadership to make the Votes Act, and its election reforms like same-day registration, a priority.

With so much disinformation about our elections, we need our Legislature to be very clear about what is holding our democracy back: barriers to voter participation.

The Votes Act will do just that.

The Legislature must pass the Votes Act to ensure vote-by-mail and expanded early voting become permanent, and pass same-day registration, jail-based voting reforms and more, to make our democracy more equitable.

Zoe Hastings


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