To the editor:

On March 30, Dr. Rochelle Walensky, director of U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, announced on TV networks that she was "scared" and had "a sense of impending doom" regarding COVID-19.

It was surely her obligation to share this with the nation, but she begged the question, why?

Her statement could only lead to questions among the populace such as: What happened to the new hope, the vaccine? Is a new variant somehow outwitting it? Can we hope that variants are more infectious but less virulent? Are the unvaccinated under age 65 passing positivity around at a greater rate due to relaxed restrictions? Is the great day of herd immunity far away?

We should not have to come to our own uneducated conclusions, especially since since there is already a likely unwarranted suspicion of the vaccine in the land.

The job of explanation is that of Walensky, and she should take it on.

Some media have waded into this task of explaining, but you have to dig and hunt for it.

If the government wants compliance it needs centralized clarity, which is not possible in the quick news sound bites most of us rely on -- the kind that Walensky has just memorably provided.

Never underestimate the public's ability to understand a full explanation, one that is the truth, which sets us free, metaphorically that is.

Joan Pendleton

North Andover

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