To the editor:

Wednesday, Nov. 13, officially marked the day where the history of this nation shifted to accomplish true greatness.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren — mother, wife, teacher, law professor, U.S. senator, a woman who lives and leads by example, a woman who represents the values of millions of Americans (not millionaires but middle class citizens) — made official her aspirations.

She is officially on the ballot for the first-in-the-nation primary.

The course of history is altered with passion and courage — passion to pursue dreams (unfathomable for some, yet attainable with hard work and perseverance), and courage to confront the establishment. Add to those hard work to implement changes that benefit the majority of the population.

Warren has released detailed, attainable plans for every major issue facing the American people, not vague policy proposals.

Her enthusiasm is contagious. Her love for the constituents of this nation is palpable.

Warren has made headlines for choosing to run her campaign solely from grassroots donations, rather than accepting corporate money.

She is accessible and approachable.

Thousands of selfies and pictures are a true testament of this, like the ones taken that fateful Wednesday in Concord, with everyday people like myself.

Warren’s vision and actions for our country’s future will propel her to the White House. She’s proposing structural changes to get our country back on track.

The presidency will be won by a candidate who provides empathy, integrity and the moral authority we have lost as a nation.

I’m proud to support Warren.

Ivelisse D'Onofrio


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