To the editor:

If the police are to be mocked, vilified and fired for doing their job, then we are in trouble — big trouble.

A man in Atlanta who was sleeping in his car, resisted arrest, stole a police weapon and shot at police. That man is now dead.

I ask, what were these officers to do? Let him do as he pleases? No, absolutely not. We have laws and consequences for not following them.

People across the nation are crying out for police reform, and this is a good thing; we cannot live in fear of the police. There has to be accountability.

People are also demanding to defund the police, but this is a bad idea. Why? Police or not, law and order must be maintained, and if need be, our government will put the military in place of the police to do so.

If that happens, look out.

I am all for new ideas and for meaningful change, but we need to at least have an expectation for where we will be on the other end. Defunding the police, minimizing the police or even a complete removal the police is a bad idea and will only invite martial law to take hold.

Think it can't happen here? Think again.

Jim Maz

Salem, N.H.

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