To the editor:

Can your readers help us build a stronger Salem?

As one of Salem's state representatives, I take great pride in our town and want to do whatever I can to improve upon Salem and make it a stronger community - in every sense of the word.

Recently I stopped by the Depot intersection and took 15 minutes out of my day to clean up some leaves and trash that had gathered. The small project made me feel better, and I like to think that those who regularly drive through the Depot might notice the small change.

I'd like your readers' ideas on what other projects that can be pursued in town to build a stronger Salem. Our community is truly great, and I'd like to do my part to organize other clean-ups, community projects and initiatives to make Salem the strongest town it can be.

I've set up where anyone can submit project ideas. They can do so anonymously or with contact information so I can touch base with them about their suggestion.

I encourage all from Salem to submit whatever ideas they have - small, medium, or large - to help us build a stronger Salem.

State Rep. Joe Sweeney

Salem, N.H.

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