To the editor:

Over the next 10 months, Rep. Lori Trahan must raise thousands of dollars for her primary re-election campaign, assemble a team of paid and volunteer workers, lease campaign offices, plan and implement an advertising campaign, hire a hundred contractors for various tasks, log a thousand miles across the 3rd District, make numerous trips back and forth to Washington, D.C., give a hundred interviews, and write and deliver a hundred speeches.

Her staff will burn thousands of gallons of gas, make thousands of calls, knock on thousands of doors, and stand in the sun and rain holding signs.

She'll miss votes in Congress and some of the impeachment inquiry. Throughout, reporters will dog her footsteps with questions about her 2018 campaign finances.

Or, she can waltz through the primary uncontested.

All she must do is release her consulting company records, which show she didn't break campaign finance laws in 2018. A piece of cake. Those records are readily available in her Westford home.

Trahan just chose Door No. 1. It’s mind boggling, don't you think?

She said, "Let the voters decide.” Decide what? That's she's hiding something? That it's okay to break the law as long as you win?

The Massachusetts and U.S. attorneys general are stewards of our system of laws. I wonder what they'll decide?

Gene Blake


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