To the editor:

After weeks of this ongoing noise issue and emailing back and forth with city officials, still nothing has been done to curtail this illegal activity.

I hate to beat a dead horse, but the fireworks the other night continued for over six hours. I have not slept and now I have to work (three nights in a row).

I'm sorry, but we have sent pictures, made calls, and talked with other residents in the Mount Vernon area who are fed up with this ongoing issue.

Most fireworks dame from the same location, which makes me wonder why you they could not be located and addressed.

I am going to ask more residents to continue to be vigilant, yet it is the responsibility of the police and fire departments and housing authority to resolve this.

This is not a noise issue. It edges on terrorism, using illegal contraband and constantly affecting the quality of life. What is it going to take — a life, a home?

We are seriously considering leaving this city because of the lack of protection and enforcement of these laws and ongoing issues.

Brian Durkin


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