To the editor:

After the massacres going on in our country, Americans have had it. We need more than background checks for those who are buying guns.

Buying machine guns should be eliminated for good. They belong to the militia (the police) not the people.

All we hear on the daily news is about policemen being shot, people shot on the streets, schools being invaded by crazy people with machine guns. It seems like the “Old West“ all over again.

The National Rifle Association distorts the Second Amendment by telling the people to believe it is their right to own them.

Times have changed from the past, when people lived in rural areas and had to defend themselves. Things are different now. We have the police to protect us whenever possible, and if you want a gun to keep at home, that is fine, but an assault rifle does not belong in anyone's house.

The Republican Party, led by lobbyists and the elderly Sen. Mitch McConnell, is paid by the NRA. Meanwhile, the NRA tells gun owners, "the Democrats will stop you from owning guns, and vote for the GOP to protect gun laws.”

That is my opinion, and almost 90% of Americans agree. Why can't we pass the law to abolish these killer machines and stop the domestic terrorists who use them?

We are no longer safe.

Jo Distefano


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