To the editor:

Fifty percent of Kingston voters wanted Ellie Alesio to become our next select person. Fifty-one percent wanted Glenn Coppleman. The are both long-term town-service oriented and qualified candidates.

Through serendipity another seat became vacant. I believe I made a very reasonable case by stating this was the perfect opportunity to serve the will of the people and give them a twofer: two for the price of one by appointing Ellie to the open seat.

Silly on my part because the Select Board split the vote. Ellie was not appointed. Indeed, politics trumped the will of the voters.

Initially I was happy to be back in the political arena again. I enjoyed offering a logical answer to a very simple question.

Then I soon realized it was just like taking your old girlfriend back. It’s not long before you realize why you dumped her in the first place. Best of luck.

Jay Alberts

East Kingston


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