To the editor:

I am writing this to debunk the recent letter writers and their comments about voter ID. They cannot be left unchallenged and should be made to apologize for their thoughtless comments. They want you to believe that Black and hispanic people are too ignorant to have driver’s licenses, Social Security cards, etc.

I am all for allowing every legal American citizen to vote, and we should have to show something that proves we are who we say we are. In Massachusetts, you only have to show a utility bill to prove you live at the address where you live if you have no ID.

The only logical reason to not want a voter to produce a valid ID is so cheating can occur. Anyone knows this is an avenue for cheating, with no real means of verification that a ballot was cast by the actual citizen.

Our country needs honest elections to remain a united civil society. When there is doubt about election integrity, how can the country come together? It makes you wonder why anyone would want to have avenues for fraud, unless they are the ones who are committing the fraud.

The recent letter writers are not telling the truth, and they are trying to keep us divided with their leftist rhetoric. I voted for President Donald Trump, and I will again if he runs. However, unlike the Democrats, I do accept that Joe Biden is our president, and I will give him the respect that Trump never got from the media or Democrats.

The conservative citizens will not divide the country like the Democrats did for four years. We only want to unite and preserve our wonderful country that is the envy of every other nation in the world.

We are lucky to live here and should thank God every day that we are not living under a socialist, fascist or communist dictatorship.

Clark Jones


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