To the editor:

It's easy to see why mass shootings targeting synagogues, immigrants and Muslims are occurring at an alarming rate in America, which will only get worse.

First, elect a leader with a history of prejudice against immigrants. Blame them, especially Hispanics, for the misery in the country. Call them rapists and drug dealers. Tell them these immigrants pay no taxes and carry infections.

Second, harness the most uneducated but most vocal citizens. They are the most easily conned. Third, embed at your political rallies racists and violent men. On cue, have them shout, “Shoot them” and “Send them back.” Aim these chants at any immigrants. Place a ban on Muslims entering America.

Fourth, find men who sexually harass women, who see women as objects, who want to push women back to a time when they were subservient to men. Aim your chants not just at immigrants, aim them at women too. Blame women who are raped and call them “liars,” like we did in the old days.

Fifth, divide “them” from “us,” the real Americans. Real Americans are white. Real Americans eat like we do, fast food and junk food. Real Americans carry guns. Real Americans do not dress like “they” do or believe in their “zany” religion. They are criminals. They are evil. We are not.

Sixth, act authoritatively. Tell your supporters, “Only I can fix things.” Create easy to understand slogans like “Drain the swamp” and “Make America Great Again.”

Seventh, have your supporters say you were sent by God. Appeal to their sense of magic and the supernatural. Americans love sensationalism and the supernaturally fantastic.

Lastly, turn hatred on the hallmarks of democracy — separation of powers, freedom of the press, respect for all religions. Congress is a waste of time unless it agrees with “me.”

Journalists are liars. Evangelical Christianity is good. Islam is evil. Beware of Judaism. Atheists should be put in jail.

Voila! You get mass shootings on a scale unheard of against racial minorities, Jews and Muslims.

Michael Veves


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