To the editor:

It’s time for Methuen to take back our beautiful city from the “same old, same old” political machine that has rewarded family and friends with cushy jobs and pensions, and let’s replace the mistakes of the past with the integrity, leadership and vision of Neil Perry.

I was a 43-year employee at Raytheon, and I know that Perry is the perfect fit for mayor. He has been nothing but positive and brings to the table his experience at Raytheon of negotiating contracts with overseas customers and holding others accountable for every dollar spent. Isn’t that what Methuen needs?

I was very disturbed when his opponent felt that she had to go into Perry’s old personal history and drag his children into this mess. He outlined on his website the entire timeline involved with that period of his life, when he fought to get his children.

Having met them, I know he did a great job, and he will do the same for Methuen. He is all about family.

Let’s take back our city that we all love and let Perry’s integrity, leadership and vision lead the way.

I hope Methuen’s voters join me at the polls on Nov. 5 to make this happen.

Patricia Elia Coco


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