Let’s keep it simple: Who was in charge in 2012, and who is in charge now?


Today I visited the cemetery to prepare for Memorial Day, including a grave containing the remains of my two relatives who served and saw combat in the union armies during the Civil War. I wondered what they would think of today’s talk of making reparations for the horrors of slavery. They served in a white army that suffered hundreds of thousands of deaths. They were primarily of European decent, having recently arrived on our shores, yet sacrificed because they believed in America. They fought to unite a country, and it was on their backs that this country was built. Those who constantly shout racism need to read a history book.

Missing machines

Has anyone seen the street sweepers in Haverhill lately? How about those two fantastic asphalt machines for fixing the canyons on our streets, and for politicians to take pictures with before they get mothballed. Why do we spend the money?

Parking problems

Parking anywhere in Haverhill is a joke. For the past three weeks a white pickup truck has been parked on South Main Street right next to a “No Parking Anytime” sign. It will probably be there when you read this. How many times has a police car driven by without doing anything? The reason for the “No Parking” sign is because it narrows the street, and it’s not safe for the rest of us driving by.

Fit president

President Donald Trump is not a spring chicken, he’s old and unfit. I’d rather have a fit president then an unfit one, and one who can complete sentences, like Joe Biden. Make America respectful again.

Bright lines

How much is Haverhill saving by not painting parking lines or the yellow curb corners? Are we getting an extra dollar per day as cars park bumper to bumper to pry into a space? You cannot see around the corner as the cars park right up to the edge of the street — a hazardous for those of us coming out of side streets. How about painting the lines on parking spots, and the yellow curb corners, so we’ll all have room to park and move?

Too young

Loony Democrats in Massachusetts are steadily pushing for 16-year-olds to vote. This is how they operate: When voters say no, they just keep asking until they get the right answer. Congress should intervene now and set a minimum voting age for all federal offices, aligned with the age of majority in our healthcare law. If someone is too young to figure out healthcare until 26, then they are too young to figure out democracy.

Part of America

I notice a lot of Sound Off contributors reminding another contributor that Puerto Rico is part of America. Maybe they should also remind Red Sox manager Alex Cora.

Beg to differ

I was amused by the letter in Sunday’s Eagle-Tribune from a retired community college professor living in Haverhill who expressed displeasure with some Sound Off comments about negative matters in the city. As a former colleague, I recall the writer as a proponent of sanctuary city status, advocacy of which has fueled a dramatic rise in poverty programs, rather than encouraging our schools to promote hard work, competition and success. Haverhill will not improve with giveaway programs and the inability to face real issues causing much discontent in this beautiful city, rather than insults aimed at those with different opinions.