Domestic tyranny

There’s been a lot of talk about gun violence and rightfully so. If you read the Federalist Papers regarding the right to bear arms, you’ll learn quite clearly that the founders were very much concerned not only about a foreign invasion but also about domestic tyranny. The colonies had just finished fighting for their freedom from a tyrannical king and were very much aware what a government can do to its own people. History shows that at some point, a government turns on its own people. You can put the U.S. in the mix if you take into account slavery and the displacement of native Americans. So, if you remove politics, focus on history and and what men are capable of doing to each other, remember that a disarmed populace is a compliant populace.

Veterans’ loans

There’s a rule that calls for the forgiveness of student loans of disabled American military veterans. After all, they were disabled in the service of our country. However, Education Secretary Betsy DeVos refuses to implement it, making 42,000 disabled veterans responsible for paying back $1 billion. And President Trump stands by and does nothing. Is this what a great president would do? Is this making America great again? This is just another illustration of Trump’s lac of empathy or morality, yet time after time we read in this forum how great he is.


The new liberal tack is to convince us that President Trump is a racist, and by association so am I because I support him. I am not racist, neither is Trump. This is just another attempt to intimidate and persuade the uninformed voter.

Code violations

Has anyone else noticed that the Lawrence police don’t respond to civil law infractions, making poor and elderly people have to pay for lawyers to keep people from parking on their land? I reported a neighbor with a pool and an open fence three weeks ago — still, nothing. Doesn’t Lawrence care about keeping kids from drowning?

Time to reorganize

Methuen police are not enforcing city ordinances, and the taxpayers who pay their salaries want to know why. In the West End, you can't walk on the sidewalks because cars are parked on them, and the police don't ticket the owners. It's time to reorganize the department. Please hurry up and get it done. Methuen cannot afford five captains and 22 other superior officers.

Wrong focus

Instead of focusing on sharks, maybe state Sen. Diana DiZoglio should focus on the problems of the cities and towns she represents, especially Methuen. Clean up those communities first. Or is she just a typical liberal with the wrong priorities when it comes to government?


Illegal gaming in in Lawrence and surrounding cities is moving millions of dollars, and yet police and politicians turn their heads. Why?

Excluding God

Why do we try to omit God from public discourse? Like it or not, our nation was founded on biblical principles, with God at the center. America can only be great if America is good. Without God, our condition is terminal. With God, there is hope. Amen.


Remember, it’s not guns that kill, guns make us all safer. We should have the right to bear all types of assault weapons — including sub-machine guns, rocket propelled grenades, rocket launchers and atomic missiles.