The Gladiator

I saw the color picture in the Sunday sports section showing the Mixed Martial Arts fight at Rockingham Park. The blood-covered MMA gladiator in the metal cage belonged at the Roman Colosseum, not in New Hampshire. Wagers on pain and cruelty versus wagers on dice and slots? No brainer. We should have gotten the casino!

Help us, mayor

Lowlife thugs ripped off a veteran of the United States. They stole the tires off his car at a well-know apartment complex in Haverhill. Mr. Mayor, would you like this riffraff in your backyard? Do something.

O is for opulent

The Obamas are at it again, spending the taxpayers’ money to support their opulent lifestyle. Currently they are in Ireland, and Michelle took 30 rooms for her entourage at a 5-star hotel, costing thousands upon thousands of our tax dollars a day. Then the Obamas are touring Africa at the end of this month. The current cost estimate is $100 million-plus. Yet he closes the White House tours because we can’t afford it due to his sequester cuts.

Taxing times

Got to love the mayor of Haverhill. His solution to everything? Raise taxes. I sure hope the voters think real hard when election time rolls around again.


I was appalled to read that the Methuen city solicitor is still on the city payroll. At the last council meeting, we watched the chairman and mayor get into a war of words as to whether the solicitor signed the necessary termination document. The council chairman said this had been done and he would give a copy to the mayor and other council members. This has not happened! Council Chairman Fountain has left the city in a vulnerable position. The only recourse should be the removal of Mr. Fountain from his position of chairman.

IRS and Obamacare

After hearing and reading about the criminal actions of the IRS, it is obvious they have their own rules and laws. They are completely out of control and devoid of the least integrity or trustworthiness. We as a nation need to stand up united against this monstrosity and not entrust our health care to this unscrupulous agency. When polls for government health care are taken they need to ask the question differently. They need to ask the question, Would you want this health care for yourself and your loved ones? I think the number of waivers given to those who want out would send chills up any thinking person’s spine.


How many of you know that since 1998 all copies of Windows have included a key that gives the NSA access to your computer? “1984” is an instruction manual for our government.

Mass. voters beware

Ed Markey is up to his old tricks with his remarks on all his great doings. What has he really accomplished? He has 37+ years to try to make a difference, but has he really done anything to create jobs, correct Social Security, fix immigration? He has been around too long, and he and the rest of Washington need to be replaced. They have all become too comfortable.

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