Republicans really make me laugh. When Romney passed his health care plan in Massachusetts, it was the greatest thing since white bread. But now that Obama passed it, all you do is cry and complain. Why don't you grow up.


Attorney General Eric Holder should go to prison. He was in charge of "Fast and Furious." Americans know that. He's a liar. A Border Patrol agent's death is on his hands. He was been the worst attorney general that we've ever had.

We're stupid

In South American countries, illegal aliens go to a dirty jail and stay there. Here, you get welfare, food stamps, go to college and take away American jobs — all with the taxpayers' money. No wonder we're broke. We're just plain stupid.

Feel good

To all of the people who are going to vote for Obama and Biden in the upcoming election: Do what makes you feel good. Of course, I don't think your grandchildren are going to feel very good when they try to raise their families in a third-world, dead-end nation, thanks to you.


Congratulations, Lawrence, on the awesome fireworks. You outdid everyone in the area. They were even better than Methuen's.


I read the article about 16 Lawrence teachers facing firing. I hope that the committee that's looking at this takes into account that people have been working in the school system that don't even live in the city or in the state of Massachusetts.


I just wanted to say that my family spent the Fourth of July at Plug Pond in Haverhill. The place was beautiful. The staff should be thanked for keeping it that way and for being so happy and helpful all of the time. Thank you so much.

Did nothing

Finally, someone thinks the same way I do about those fires out west. The government didn't do a thing to help those people. They relied on the poor, overtaxed local people. If it had happened in another country, like Russia, then the government would send everything over there. This government stinks.

Count on it

You can count on one thing when the Haverhill school administration fills four top vacancies — the salaries of those hired will be higher than those who left. School salaries always go up. They don't go down. After all, it's for the children.

More bling

Local nail salons rejoice! Governor Patrick this week said that EBT card recipients should be able to use their cards to get their nails manicured. Pending EBT reform legislation would of eliminated this ridiculous abuse of taxpayer money. And if you need more "bling" on the taxpayers' dime that is OK. EBT cards can be used at jewelry stores. Patrick believes that is appropriate use of our tax money.


I had heard that "the Pledge" had undergone several changes, so I looked it up online. The Pledge of Allegiance was composed by Francis Bellamy in 1892. It was adopted by Congress in 1942. The Pledge was modified four times since its composition. The most recent change occurred in 1954. That change was adding the words "under God."

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