Slow to help

All of the people who wrote into Sound Off defending the “lounging firefighters” are completely correct. I wish I knew the person who originally complained. I would certainly contact 911 if they needed help, but I truly think it would be a waste of a stamp.

Check the numbers

Your reader who preferred substance over style to support President Trump was a bit fast and loose with the facts. We are in a 10-year expansion, in which the stock market soared and unemployment plummeted. Let’s hope Trump can continue the expansion, but he has a long way to go to post the economic gains seen during the Obama administration. But, don’t believe him, and don’t believe me. Go check out the numbers for yourself.

Not again

I see that another Methuen city councilor is running for mayor. The voters should ask themselves: Is there anyone working in Methuen government who is related to this woman? (The answer is, yes, a police officer.) Now they should ask: Do we want to go through this again? The answer is no. I see the Fire Department is getting involved the same way, by taking care of friends. I can’t wait to see what the city pays for discrimination against its female firefighter.

Expensive run

Registration for North Andover’s road race on July 4th is $45, plus fees? That’s just crazy for a 5k. That’s $200 for a family of four. No way.

Lobster prices

I think the effect of the “trade war” on lobster prices is great for the American public. Our representatives should think more of the American lobster consumers who’ve had to deal with the inflated price of lobster products because of sales to China. Lower the prices, and American folks will buy more of those products. Our representatives should be looking out for consumers as a whole, not just those in our country who’ve enjoyed high prices for their products unfairly.

Good commentary

Kim Casey’s letter to the editor Sunday was one of the most outstanding commentaries written about President Trump and his supporters. While it's clear she’s no fan of Trump and is appalled by his people, she nicely explained why he’s a danger to democracy. Her comparison to Munchausen Syndrome was also well taken. For me, it's not Trump I detest. He is not well read or able to think abstractly, not are many of his supporters. It's the cowards who call themselves Republicans in the Senate whom I abhor.

Burning sensation

The only burn people will feel if Sen. Bernie Sanders is elected is the hole burned into their wallets and savings. He claims President Trump is the most dangerous president ever, yet he offers no proof or examples of all the phobias he’s listed. As for Sanders' claim that he is for the working people, he said in the debate he would have to tax working people in order to pay for the policies he would initiate. 

Deficit drivers

I love the theory recently posed here that the federal budget deficit is due to Democrats wanting to provide relief to a generation that is buried in student debt. Here are the real drivers of a deficit that’s at its highest level on record: 1. Military spending exceeding that of the next seven countries combined; 2. President Trump’s tax cuts promoting a trickle-down economic theory that failed under President Reagan; and 3. Mandatory health care spending for Medicare and Medicaid. So, let’s be honest about what party has been driving up the deficit instead of publishing some Fox News talking point that is nothing short of propaganda.