Bad connection

Finally someone in Sound Off tells people who is backing Neil Perry — two former mayors who did not help Methuen. As a teacher I also know the prior mayor helped to create a deficit by not funding the schools.


Regarding the Methuen mayor’s race, a politician is not what is needed. We need a person with business experience, who will provide better results. A non-political mayor will look at current problems more clearly and not be subject to political thinking. Just look at President Trump — a total non-politician — and look at the results. We have the lowest unemployment in decades, and more jobs than there are people to fill them. Neil Perry fits the description of a "non-politician.”

Past associations

Methuen doesn’t need a new mayor who is associated with former mayors Steven Zanni and Sharon Pollard. This is the reason we are in such a critical financial state. If elected, Neil Perry will be their go-around. Remember, his daughter worked for the Methuen police as a dispatcher, which was hidden from voters until it was asked during a debate. Thirty years in a job that has nothing to do with government work doesn't qualify someone to be mayor.

Don’t be fooled

I would characterize the recent letter by Daniel Murphy criticizing Democratic initiatives to address climate change as misinformation, but it’s really a collection of lies. First, the research and conclusions asserted by Dr. Roy Spencer have been roundly refuted. Second, World Meteorological Organization Secretary General Petteri Tallas has asserted in no uncertain terms that global warming is even worse than models have predicted and that cutting carbon dioxide emissions is essential to address it -- the exact opposite of what is stated in the letter. Indeed, 97% of climate scientists accept the validity of global warming, and those who don't tend to work for the fossil fuel industry.  Don't be fooled by Republican politicians who are in the back pocket of the oil and coal lobbies and serve short-term corporate profits over the long-term welfare of humanity.

Still waiting

I’ve been waiting for affordable housing in Haverhill for over 10 years. The mayor says, “I’m working on it,” but he’s not responded to my past three attempts for answers. He asks for donations for his re-election campaign but doesn’t need money because no one is running against him. He fills his campaign account with more money for himself, but not for the city of Haverhill.

Equal ink

The Boston Bruins are apparently the red-headed stepchildren of Boston's pro sports teams. Training camp is starting but there haven’t been many reports in The Eagle-Tribune of any moves the Bruins made in the off-season, or any progress made by the players who were injured at the end of last season. I also noticed last season there was often a lack of stories about the B's following a game. There are a lot of us avid Bruins fans who would appreciate equal ink with the other local teams.

Trump’s bans

If our president can ban vaping, why doesn’t he ban assault weapons?


How Democrats can attach the “racism” label to this president on the basis of his administration’s policy toward illegal immigration is beyond my comprehension. How it’s so loosely used as a talking point is something voters ought to recognize. This country has come so far beyond racism that it hardly exists. If it does, why don’t these political wags go directly to where it does exist and do something about it? And why do the interviewers not question their own ridiculous perceptions on racism?

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