Hunking School

With all these “Haverhill for Hunking” signs floating around a thought occurred to me. Why can’t the parents who have children in the new school pay a bit extra in taxes based on how many children you have in the school. The more children, the more taxes. That would take the extra tax burden away from the elderly. I can’t afford to pay additional taxes whether it’s $10 or $75. And by the way, shouldn’t that sign read “Bradford for Hunking” seeing that most children on the Haverhill side of the bridge will never see that new school.

Loud motorcycles

Please, please, elected lawmakers, do something about the cacophony that those motorcycles make. It disturbs the peace of so many people and is truly invasive since so many of them travel in packs. They have made their choice to travel on these bikes, but we have had no say in how they intrude on our lives and there is no reason those motors can’t be more muted like the car motors are. Give us a break and give us some peace!

Residency rule

The proposed residency requirement for employees of the city of Lawrence sounds, on the face of it, discriminatory, unconstitutional and simplistic. Also, more than half of the budget of the city and schools is provided by taxpayers living outside of the city. Non-residents deserve to have jobs in the city. They keep it running. Residency requirements didn’t work before in the city; let’s learn from our mistakes, not repeat them.


I know it is election season, but I was at North Andover’s parade and disgusted to see Rep. Diana DiZoglio keep zipping out of the Memorial Day parade and asking guests to vote for her. Memorial Day is a solemn day which should be filled with respect. Instead, DiZoglio was interrupting people as we were in mid-clap and reminding us that she was running for re-election. I found it distasteful.

Great season

I just need to say a thank you to the Haverhill Hillies softball team for a great season. I enjoyed attending all the games. These young ladies are great role models and the finest that this city has to offer. Looking forward to next year. Good luck seniors. May all your dreams come true.

Bible’s rules

Crucifixion was a Roman punishment, not a Jewish or Christian one. Regarding stoning, Jesus stopped a stoning. I can only guess what He would have done regarding other sins or crimes, but I suspect that He would have said just what He said even regarding a murderer instead of an adulterer. We should also remember that He told the woman to stop her sinfulness, meaning that He did view some sex acts as sinful. I’m more confident regarding two men caught in the one and only same-sex act that the Hebrew Bible prohibits, Leviticus 18:22. Finally, Peter’s vision, Acts 10:9-16, frees Christians to eat non-kosher food.

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