Pot politics

I wonder how City Council and mayor would feel about five or six gun shops in Haverhill, each within a mile from a school? Isn't it funny how the city embraces something that is a federal crime, but chastises something that is a constitutional right? Socialists draw attention to the few bad gun owners but pay no attention to the sins of the drug-addled. Haverhill does not need all of these pot shops any more than it needs several gun stores. When will our leaders stop selling away our lifestyle, homes, traditions, families and children for more money? 


The Bureau of Labor Statistics just released its newest job numbers. It seems that a record high of 157.3 million people have jobs, up more than 200,000 in June. Sensible people would realize this booming economy is because of President Trump and his pro-business, pro-jobs agenda. Democrats will tell you it’s actually President Obama's economic miracle, and Trump was just the lucky dunce who inherited it. If Obama’s leaving office was all it took to supercharge the economy, he should have left eight years ago.


Haverhill Fire Chief William Laliberty’s statement that city firefighters are "professional" is laughable. Thirty of them conspired to steal over $55,000 in EMT stipends as part of a scam, and Laliberty was among them. It was just one of the cons that firefighters have pulled to rip off taxpayers. Since the mayor goes easy on them, they get away with it too.

Doing his job

The recent “No Show" submission shows that special combination of ignorance and demagoguery that defines modern Democrats. The writer basically cribs entertainer John Stewart's attack on Sen. Rand Paul saying he voted against a "law extending benefits to 9/11 responders.” Paul voted against the bill because it lacked provisions outlining how it would be paid for, otherwise known as doing the job of a U.S. senator. The failure of his colleagues on the left and right to do this simple work is why we have a $22 trillion national debt, fueled by unfunded liabilities, that will crater our economy within a decade. And, yes, the collapse will negatively affect the families of 9/11 first responders too.

All the states

Before criticizing Tom Steyer, the commenter behind the "Background checks" submission should learn more about what’s going on in the country rather than just his little corner of it. In most states, and under federal law, background checks are only required at gun shops and retailers. Gun shows and private sales are exempt. In some states, such as South Carolina, permits are not required, and 16 other states have relaxed requirements for the purchase of guns. Steyer is running for an office that covers all states. He is telling the truth.

Quick accusation

Methuen Mayor James Jajuga was quick to accuse Councilor James McCarty of breaking into a city office without even investigating the accusation. The next day, he sent a three-sentence apology saying it was a case of mistaken identity. This mayor has caused turmoil and trouble all during his term.

Chapman’s charges

I was only 20 when Andy Puglisi disappeared from that South Lawrence swimming pool. I remember feeling so bad for his family. Then I read the disturbing story about how Wayne Chapman is accused of exposing himself to a nursing assistant at MCI-Shirley. At 71, Chapman still gets three squares a day and nursing care on top of that. He has confessed to more than 100 child molestation cases, and he remains a suspect in the Puglisi case. Hopefully some liberal, touchy feely judge will never send him into public again.


President Trump said Monday, “May God bless the memory of those who perished in Toledo," but the shooting happened in Dayton. The man reads words off a teleprompter but makes absolutely no connection to reality.