Rethink government

Over the years I’ve been disturbed by the lack of qualified candidates for Methuen government, especially when it comes to mayoral elections. It’s a big reason we've been in the news for all the wrong reasons. I'd love to see the city go back to a city manager.

Kannan’s experience

I'm sure Neil Perry and Dan Shibilia are fine people but neither has ever held public office. Now they’re running for mayor. They would be better off gaining political experience as a city councilor. Instead they exhibiting the mindset of a rookie cop who looks to bypass requirements and go for the chief’s job. Jennifer Kannan is college educated and has been elected several times as a councilor. She has the a working knowledge of the City Charter and every aspect of the mayor’s office. As for the conflict of interest that many bash her about, there's nothing illegal about it. She comes from an eclectic family comprised of well educated individuals who proudly serve their community. She’s honest, sincere and not a backstabber, and she’s proven herself to voters time and time again.

Obstacle course

Why did Haverhill its money repaving part of Salem Street? Since then, the manholes along the entire road sit lower than ever. It’s like driving over an obstacle course.

Out of time

The sooner Methuen’s mayor is gone, the better. He says he represents the taxpayers, but really he’s only interested in his political buddies and personal agenda. He's sucking up to unions while sucking our wallets dry. Inauguration day cannot come soon enough.

Hand signals

I tried out my new crosswalk, and it works. Cars come to a screeching halt. You can hear screeching rubber as they try to avoid rear-ending other cars. I feinted crossing a few times, just to watch them slam on brakes. That was kinda fun. But, I must brush up on my hand signals, so I can understand what those drivers were trying to say to me.

Working together

If Democrats would stop their “blind rage” against President Trump and work with him, what would happen? I’m not asking for them to agree with everything, that would negate the checks and balances of the two-party system. I would like to see them work together to make our country safe and prosperous. Two-plus years have been spent saying “no” to everything he wants, even if it was the right thing. If our government was honest and didn’t operate from an us-or-them assumption, what could accomplish? Just imagine.

Choosing candidates

How will Jennifer Kannan bring back integrity to Methuen? Her son is a police officer, her brother a firefighter, and her daughter a School Department employee. It sounds like a conflict of interest. Can Neil Perry do any better? Methuen residents should be smart and vote for Dan Shibilia.

Reason to leave

Yes, many staff members are leaving the Timberlane Regional School District, but it isn’t because of the superintendent. Voters can thank the negative climate created by several members of the current school board as well as the SpeakOutTimberlane Facebook group. No one wants to work for you.

Big deficit

Bloomberg reports, “The U.S. budget deficit grew to $866.8 billion in the 10 months of the new fiscal year, a 27% increase from the same period one year earlier.” Once again, just like with Presidents Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush, the deficit is out of control thanks to the trickle-down economic theory that President Trump’s tax cut promotes. It’s funny that Democrats are the folks have consistently paid the bills and balanced the budget, while Republicans cut funding for the food stamps whose beneficiaries include hard-working families working two jobs to make ends meet.

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