Burning sensation

The only burn people will feel if Sen. Bernie Sanders is elected is the hole burned into their wallets and savings. He claims President Trump is the most dangerous president ever, yet he offers no proof or examples of all the phobias he’s listed. As for Sanders' claim that he is for the working people, he said in the debate he would have to tax working people in order to pay for the policies he would initiate.  

No flags

How come there were no American flags at the Democratic debates? Not one of them deserves to hold the office of president of the United States.

Broken system

The article on Massachusetts’ mishandling of motor vehicle violations out of state, resulting in seven needless deaths, reminds me of an incident involving an 89-year-old who had a calm disagreement with a neighbor. A call to the police resulted in a “wellness check" (an excuse to pull the man over). There was a hint of alcohol on his breath and an unopened liquor bottle in the vehicle. He was unsteady on his feet — the result of age and two knee replacements. As a result, backup was called, the car was towed, and the man with no prior arrests was handcuffed and taken to the station, where he could not blow higher than .06. After a year of stumbling through the court system — without a license — he was found not guilty. He received no restitution. The system needs revamping.

Parade price

The government is using $2.5 million reserved for national park improvement instead for President Trump’s ego parade. Yes, it makes complete sense.

Noisy work

They’ve been working on the Haverhill train bridge, otherwise known as the mini-Big Dig, for more than four years now. Is it ever going to end? The noise they share with us now starts at 6:15 a.m. Is that even legal? Isn’t there a noise ordinance in Haverhill?

Misplaced priority

I don’t think we should spend $92 million on a military parade honoring a draft dodger while a single veteran needs healthcare, food or housing that they can’t afford.

Not a tank

Please, America, just stop. Bradley Fighting Vehicles are not "tanks,” they are armored personnel carriers. If you would care to see a hilarious recounting of the tale of how they became so tricked out, I would recommend the cult favorite movie "Pentagon Wars" with Cary Elwes and Kelsey Grammer. But they are not "tanks,” and they will not be in President Trump's America Day parade.

More pickups, please

Hey, city of Haverhill, I just learned here in Sound Off that Lawrence has yard waste pickup every other week. Sure enough, there are little leaf icons all over the calendar on the city’s website. Haverhill's next yard waste pickup is Dec. 7. I wonder if we could move the needle to six pickups a year, i.e. every other month, instead of two. This would make a big difference for homeowners and may be lead to cleaner sidewalks.

Amateur photographers

Rep. Joe Kennedy III recently tweeted out his complaint about how U.S. Customs and Border Protection would not allow him and his fellow Democrats to bring camera phones into detention facilities. He claimed the agency was trying to "hide things" from Congress. If the congressman had had any formal training in detainee operations, as I have, he would know there are imminently valid security reasons to keep people from publicly producing photos taken inside secure facilities. When the would-be photographers are also Democrat politicians whose recent words and deeds show their main goal is in abetting the escape of the criminals the facility is built to hold, those reasons become even more valid.