Growth opportunity

Now that we can grow pot, why not grow coca in Massachusetts and produce cocaine? Haverhill would be all set. The mayor can grow it his back yard. He can sell it on Summer Street. Just think of it: Jim's Pot and Cocaine Shop. They never should have passed the law, Haverhill should have said no to pot. This law allows people living 501 feet from a school or daycare to grow pot, and stores more than 500 feet away from a school or daycare to sell it. With Haverhill approving these shops shops, are we considering how far they are from schools? We wouldn't want kids walking to buy a joint while in school. Stop the insanity; we don't need six pot shops in Haverhill. 

Green reality

So Haverhill approved a pot shop on Plaistow Road, but they must protect children by providing educational material and vapor detectors in schools to prevent them from vaping, using pot and drugs. They applied for drug-free grants, yet they approve pot shops. And traffic is so bad now, I doubt limiting appointments will affect it. If they think some 21-year-olds are not going to sell pot to younger teenagers at a mark-up, they must have their heads in the sand.

Security threat

President Trump’s admission that he would work with a foreign enemy to get dirt on a political opponent while he’s the president is a threat to our national security. If being an admitted national security threat isn’t a reason for impeachment, I don’t know what it is. But go ahead and keep drinking the Kool-Aid.

Proud of the B’s

I am very disappointed with the result of the Stanley Cup final but proud of what this Bruins team, coach and management delivered for us this year. I am also grudgingly appreciative of what the St. Louis Blues accomplished; they remind me a little bit of the 2001 New England Patriots gutting their way to their first championship while straddling the line of league rules all the way. However, as a fan of the new skill game that the National Hockey League’s rules have been shaped to deliver, I was also disappointed to see clutching, grabbing, neutral-zone trapping winning a cup again — that felt a little bit like 1999 to me. Hopefully the league makes adjustments and lets the speed and talent game continue to blossom. But this Bruins team can hold its head high. They delivered a great season to us fans, despite the disappointing ending.


If you cheat to get into college, you go to jail. If you cheat to enter the country, you get free college, food, housing and health care.

Silence is consent

Dr. Kerry Pound’s piece in The Eagle-Tribune was a fantastic read. Thank you for having the courage to put forth the truth. Silence is consent.  I do not approve of abortions, nor the use my tax dollars to perform them. The bill S.1209, aka "ROE act of Massachusetts,” should never be passed. Her phrase “changing language to erase the reality,” is spot-on, as the left is all about manipulating language. They quantify concepts as “PC” or “non-PC” to stifle discussion and omit vital information, all while calling themselves “progressive,” thereby insinuating that other views as regressive or lesser evolved. There are two patients, mother and child. The child has its own sex, blood type, hair and eye color, thumb print and DNA. If a mother cannot respect the child growing inside her, she needs what Dr. Pound spoke of — others who are willing to be the “active force to pick up the burden with the woman and help her.” That is how you show respect for a woman.