Pot control

Now that the Haverhill City Council approved the pot shops, they now have to approve overtime for traffic control, that is unless the city will pay for private security to control traffic. Now the city is going to have traffic backed up on Route 125 far more than normal. Will it pay for traffic control over the border in Plaistow? Maybe Haverhill needs to hire special “pot control cops.”

Higher rents

A recent report showed Massachusetts had the highest growth of illegal immigrants of any state in the country. Then we learned that Massachusetts is ranked third for highest rent in the nation. You don't need an economics degree to see the strain that tens of thousands of people needing a place to live puts on the housing market. If you vote for liberal Democrat politicians, who work hard to provide sanctuary to all the illegal immigrants, and your rent is going up, you have no one to blame but yourself.

Doing the math

The reason that Mayor James Jajuga is not running for re-election is probably because he knows he won’t win.

Style and substance

President Trump is a president of moderate proficiency under whom the quality of life of average Americans and their freedom from big government has improved steadily. But he is a president who perpetually and publicly acts and sounds like a fool. Conversely, Barack Obama was a horrible president under whom racial tensions and immigration abuses were made far worse in eight years than any one could imagine was possible, and the individual liberties and prosperity of average Americans were ravaged. But he was articulate and on-message at all times he was in front of a camera. All things considered, I'll take Trump's substance over Obama's style.

Drawing lines

Republicans are taking a victory lap for the work of those in charge of today's party to got their puppets on the U.S. Supreme Court to go along with allowing states to gerrymander congressional districts. This will allow the Republican Party to pursue its agenda of redrawing those districts to disenfranchise African Americans, Hispanics and all other minorities. If the Republican Party is cheering, then let’s give them gerrymandering good and hard. States with the most congressional districts have statehouses controlled by Democrats, so let’s gerrymander out of existence every district that currently has a Republican in Congress. Then today's blatantly racist GOP can be swept into the trash can of history, where it deserves to reside in ignominy.

Needed change

I want to thank Haverhill’s superintendent for finally making a leadership change at the Pentucket Lake Elementary School. Teaching these days can be challenging, but without support and respect from the administration the job is frustrating. My colleagues and I look forward to positive changes and are most grateful.

Slow to pickup

Why does the city of Lawrence feel our yard waste only needs to be picked up every other week, from April until July? In the spring, we do yard cleanups from winter storms. We trim trees, and the grass certainly does not grow any slower during those four months. Yet, the bags sit in our garages and driveway rotting for two weeks at a time. Who came up with this plan? Maybe I should contact the state since it funds Lawrence because our leaders can’t.

Close ties

Anyone with ties to the police or fire departments should not be allowed to be a city councilor or mayor. That is why Methuen is in dire straits.

Awash in red

I might believe some of these Democrat politicians telling me the college debt of rich kids was a serious problem were they not the same people currently raising debt ceilings to avoid having their own deficit spending slowed down. Our globally unprecedented national debt of $22 trillion is now over 75% of our gross domestic product. Approximately 39% of it is owned by foreign governments. Like good Democrats, these people are very concerned about taking other people's money and managing other people's debt, but they’re not so on top of their own spending habits putting our nation on the road to ruin.