Left to states

Contrary to misinformation from the president and his foot soldiers, the U.S. Supreme Court did not ban abortions, nor make a new law about abortions. It simply confirmed what anyone with an even rudimentary understanding of the U.S. Constitution knows — there is no right to an abortion in the Constitution. Legislation is “left to the states,” including Texas. Don’t like the laws? Get new legislators or move to a new state.

Protecting neighbors

Many people who were OK with their government forcing teenagers to give up their lives to defend their nation now object to asking civilians to take a weekly COVID-19 test or a safe vaccine to protect the lives of their neighbors. If one, why not the other?

Drone strike

Finally the media has covered another mess in Afghanistan, this time a drone strike that killed aid workers including children, not the suspected car bomber. Who is responsible? This administration would lose a game of Risk to a 5-year-old.

Term limits

Haverhill doesn’t need a charter change for ward council seats. It’s a bad idea. It needs to limit the terms of mayors.

Hit piece

The article in Tuesday’s e-edition, “Threatened by science,” is a hit piece against Republicans, making sweeping claims that conservatives are “anti-science.” The fact is that both political parties quote scientists and scientific data to support their positions, which means that the science isn’t settled. We need open debate, not government mandated “truth.”

Bad decisions

Rarely has a president made so many terrible decisions, starting on Day One of President Joe Biden’s term, when he voided the prior administration’s immigration policies. Blowout spending bills, energy policies causing soaring prices, the surrender of Afghanistan to the Taliban, vaccine mandates — the list goes on.

Missed mining

NPR has reported on large deposits of technologically important minerals in Afghanistan. My question is, why did it never occur to the occupying Americans to develop them in the 20 years we were there? Besides the immense profits, they might have provided tens of thousands of decent paying jobs for Afghans and boosted their economy. Now, China and Russia will get even more of a stranglehold on these resources.

No standards

Eliminate the MCAS. Eliminate letter grades. Lastly, eliminate the “fail” in pass or fail. Stop measuring achievement or mastery of subjects. Diplomas can simply be marked, “Time served.” The world will be a much better place without standards.

No masks

I want to thank Gov. Chris Sununu for refusing to mask up our children in school. Children are at reduced risk of getting COVID-19 and becoming seriously ill.

Friday dump

There aren’t enough Friday afternoons in the summer for President Joe Biden’s administration to quietly dump all of the bad outcomes their policies have delivered.

Out of order

Lawrence repaved Pleasant Street not even a year ago, and now contractors were cutting into the street to run water lines. I want to know who made these decisions. Shouldn’t the water lines be done before repaving a street?

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