Weapon of choice

The recent contributor of “Disarming” cites their history teacher who was correct. If someone wants to hurt or kill someone else, a knife, baseball bat, poison, etc., should do the trick. But if someone wants to hurt or kill many people quickly and efficiently, then a gun, preferably an automatic one, is still the weapon of choice.

Safe at home

In this heat and humidity, the best thing a dog owner can do is leave their pet at home. If they must take the dog with them, they should leave all the windows in the car halfway down. And if they leave the air conditioning on, they should still leave the windows halfway down, as there have been incidents where the car stalled or a dog hit the controls, shutting off the AC. But the best thing is to leave the beloved pet at home.

Brady’s jokes

Tom Brady avoided going to the White House when President Donald Trump was there. Not only does he go for President Joe Biden, he cracks jokes about Trump and his supporters. Is this some new reveal? No, this is what we already knew about the spineless quarterback.

Political calculus

The Biden administration won’t bother with additional subsidies for senior citizens because there is not a good return on that investment. Many of them will not be around to vote in the next election.


Decades ago, a clear link between smoking, cancer and heart disease was established. Despite constant warnings on tobacco products and regular, often stark ads, many still indulge in such self-destructive behavior. Good luck with universal COVID-19 vaccination. It’s definitely about public health, not personal freedom.

COVID-19 sources

I wonder what contributes more to rising COVID-19 numbers in America — words posted on a social media platform or migrants showing up at the border infected with COVID-19? Too bad the White House and Big Tech suppress the ability of Americans to even ask such questions. I guess we'll never know.

Lee’s legacy

More revisionist history appears in this newspaper from left-wing propagandists. Gen. Robert E. Lee was indeed a hero during the Mexican-American war, most specifically at Cerro Gordo, where he even saved an enemy drummer boy and brought him to a field hospital during the action, and San Agustin. Lee was offered a command in the U.S. Army during the Civil War but refused out of loyalty to his native Virginia, not fealty to slavery. Toppling these statues is just more evidence of the rule of illiterate, woke mobs.

Radical votes

The $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill being pushed by Democrats is a radical expansion of entitlements that are unpopular with the majority of Americans. Any lawmaker voting for that bill is a radical by virtue of their vote. Don't let politicians seeking reelection in 2022 tell you otherwise.

Silver platter

President Donald Trump handed Joe Biden and the Democrats the COVID-19 vaccine on a silver platter, using Operation Warp Speed to curtail the onerous regulatory tape that coats our medical industry. All they had to do was put their radical agenda aside and distribute it, but no, they couldn't do that. They had to expend political energy by expanding ineffective lockdowns. They couldn't even get their most basic duties right.

Briefly clean

It took three years to repair and paint the railroad bridge over the Merrimack River, and only three weeks to deface it with graffiti.

Beach banner

Just when you think progressives can't be more loathsome, you take your kids to Hampton Beach on the first beach day in weeks, and someone has paid a plane to fly in circles over the beach with a pro-abortion banner for everyone, including the kids, to read. Sports, TV, movies, the Olympics and now our beaches: Nowhere is safe from the miserable whinging of the least happy people in the country. Give us a break.


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