Culture problem

In 1952, for my 10th birthday, I received a single-shot, .22 caliber rifle. I kept that rifle in the back corner of my bedroom closet; the ammunition was on the closet shelf. I wasn't allowed to take the rifle out without my father, nor did I ever think to do so. Most of my friends also had small rifles or shotguns. We didn't have mass shootings in 1952. What’s changed? It's not the availability of guns, it’s the culture. Parents used to spend a lot of time teaching children right from wrong and leading by good example. They cared more about the future than having a good time themselves. They took responsibility for themselves, their actions and their children's actions. Let's fix what's broken. If you have a bad carburetor, don't waste time replacing a taillight. More gun control isn't going to work.

Blame the shooter

Mass shootings are tragedies but why do we always blame the gun and not the shooter? Mass murderers are out there regardless of how many gun laws we pass. What about knives? Do we worry about tracking every single kitchen knife? People in Europe have had to deal with terrorists using cars to mow down crowds. Are we going to start having background checks for cars? No, we won't because it doesn't fit a liberal agenda of making us defenseless sheeple.


If a woman has a "right to choose" with regards to abortion, what about a right to choose her method of self-defense? What about everyone's right to choose their method of self-defense?


Just when you think liberal Democrats have reached a pinnacle of outrageousness, they prove otherwise. A film to be released in September called "The Hunt” depicts a group of vicious liberals stocking and brutally killing deplorables or, in other words, Trump supporters. The timing of this despicable film is extremely dangerous and will incite more violence in our country. Obviously these hate-filled liberals don't care because they cannot control spewing their hate and venom. They will stop at nothing. This movie should be banned in every state.

Assault rifles

Whenever a mass shooting happens, a lot of misinformation comes out. The widely accepted definition of an assault rifle is for a weapon that has the capacity for automatic fire, i.e. one trigger pull continually fires rounds. Semi-automatic refers to one trigger pull, one bullet fired. Automatic rifles have been banned in the U.S. since 1986. Referring to AR-15 style weapons as "assault rifles" is incorrect. I can purchase a .22 caliber rifle that shoots a small bullet and looks exactly like an AR-15. Is it an assault rifle? No. Does it look like one? Yes. Banning "assault-style weapons" will not work because any rifle has the capacity to "look like" an assault rifle.

Blaming Trump

I am fed up with congressional Democrats and liberal media blaming President Donald Trump for these horrific mass shootings by disturbed people. President Obama had 24 mass shootings during his eight years in office and was never blamed. Instead he was idolized by those now criticizing Trump. They are desperate and are showing their hypocrisy. They will stop at nothing to convince people to hate Trump, but it's not working.

River cruise

While a boat captain once told me nobody’s going to come up river to Haverhill’s restaurant district and tie up their expensive boat at an unattended city dock. It’s too bad nobody’s taken the initiative to have scheduled river cruises during the summer.

Not happening

A writer equalizes gun control with marijuana sales in Haverhill, claiming “socialists” don’t care about drug addiction. No known socialist is calling for the elimination of guns in America. No responsible Republican, Democrat or independent wants to take guns from responsible adults. The new right wing has little resemblance to most Republicans who are defecting as independents. Eleven House Republicans are retiring rather than be reelected.