Standing firm

I think we’ve now seen Mayor Neil Perry’s first exposed flaw — stubbornness. How can a man start his term in office after it was made clear that voters wanted new blood and a new attitude, by bringing retread cronies back into his administration? Creating a new job for friends and hiring Sharon Pollard's husband, Tom Lussier, goes against everything that people voted for. His stubbornness will be his Achilles’ heel, and it sets the tone for an administration. A clean start doesn’t begin with creating a job and hiring cronies from the former mayor.

Right path

In 73 years I have never seen a stronger, more efficient, more caring president who, above all, will do the right thing against all odds. He continues to give while getting nothing in return from the Democratic haters. Hopefully we will have him for another term. I am sure he will take the U.S.A. down the right path to even more success.

Bad reputation

Is it a bad sign that any time a male Fox News anchor takes a few days off, my instinct is to search Google to see whether they were part of the latest sexual harassment incident at the network?

End of an era

Sports editor Bill Burt has correctly stated what’s been obvious for months (though with more skill than most of us can muster) that the relationship between Tom Brady and Bill Belichick is fractured. The Patriots’ ignominious departure in the NFL Wild Card game against Tennessee had a pall hanging over it the likes of which I haven't felt since the 1996 Super Bowl, when it was an open secret that coach Bill Parcells was calling plays for the team for the last time. It certainly feels like the end of an era. Yet, all good things must end, even the Brady years. We sure had some good times together.

A cut above

Congratulations to Londonderry High for hosting the hair-length rally. It was great to see so many donating their hair to help cancer victims. God bless them all.

Jumped in

I think that Prince Harry and his wife, Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex, are acting immaturely. I remember when Kate Middleton was going to marry Prince William, she had to take three years to learn the ways of the royals to be sure it was what she wanted. Harry and Meghan jumped right in without even thinking. There were too many things at the beginning that did not relate well to the royals. He has been taken in by her, and that is definitely too bad. He and his brother were always very close, and this has caused them to be pulled apart, which is very sad. It is also too bad that Harry's and Price William’s children will not grow up together.

Automatic drinks

The Encore Casino touted $800 million in expected revenues from gambling and promised many jobs. It earned roughly $50 million and now wants to replace workers with automatic drink-makers — never mind how expensive those drinks are. I’d just as soon drive to Foxwoods, where you can get free rooms, free drinks and free parking, and you don’t have to fight the Boston traffic.

Leave her alone

To Neil Perry’s gang: The election is over, Perry is mayor, and Jennifer Kannan is no longer a candidate. She served the city well and is now enjoying her grandchildren. There is no Kannan crew. Leave her alone. Let's see how the new guy does — including his staff choices.

Whom to trust

If the contributor of “Fake photos” believes all Republicans cannot be trusted and should not be elected, you must believe that all Democrats walk around with halos on their heads. You also must live on Mars.

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