The word “viability" keeps coming up in our news now that abortion regulation is again a topic of debate. As employed by judges, politicians and media on the left, it’s a subjective value by which unqualified people seek to determine when an unborn baby is human. “Viable" sounds better. "Viability" is just another term to whitewash the ugliest parts of modern government — like "collateral damage" (murdered civilians) or "redacted" (government action hidden from view) or "political lion" (someone who hasn’t worked outside government in years). Those of a certain age recognize what George Orwell described when he coined the term “newspeak" to illustrate how government molds a lexicon to match its agenda.

Pricey dinner

Why is the mayor soliciting tickets for a re-election diner? He does not need money for this. Is there anyone running against him? It’s a $200 dinner at the Tap — what are they serving, filet mignon and lobster? Are they using gold dinner plates? Maybe he’s planning a pot shop at 4 Summer St.

Clouded thinking

Now the stoners are throwing stones. Boycotting a deli that makes money for the city — are you people high? Oh, wait.

Park and run

Fifty five parking spaces up at Winnekenni Castle — are you kidding me? Then what — a stage, concession stands and restrooms? It’s a forest, not a money venue. You’ll kill the only natural element left in Haverhill. For shame on the city. The park is not a track. If the running teams needs a place to run, build a track at the school, you know, a place designed to accommodate students, parents and vehicles. This city is going downhill fast.

Alabama’s law

Under the new abortion laws in Alabama, a doctor commits felony murder if he aborts a fetus to a woman who was raped. The rapist is granted parental rights. This is brought to us by America’s most Christians of Christians. It's a funny thing, I like Jesus. How different from him his followers are. 

Rangers graduate

Congratulations to the Methuen High School class of 2019. The ceremony was very nice. It would have been better if the mayor had pronounced some of the students’ names correctly.

Blame the Democrats

The contributor of “Empty promises” lists numerous promises that President Trump will not keep in his first term. The reason is not him, it’s the obstructionist Democrats. It is the obstructionist Democrats who’ve been on a three-year witch hunt into Russian collusion. It’s the obstructionist Democrats who’ve been clamoring for his tax returns. It’s obstructionist Democrats who’ve refused to work with him on health care, drug prices, funding the wall and immigration reform. Just think how much better our country would be if the Democrats would work with him.

Crosswalk sting

Kudos to the Lawrence police for their "crosswalk sting" on Friday on Merrimack Street in front of the Riverwalk complex. Cars blow through the crosswalk constantly, and there have been many close calls for pedestrians. We loved watching car after car being pulled over — and we had a grandstand view from the building.

Marijuana’s ills

I don't hate democracy. I, for one, smoked marijuana when I was younger. I and many others have seen with our own eyes that marijuana over time makes people stupid. The legal marijuana law never should have been passed. That says it all for your democratic majority.