Dangerous seeds

The letter about gun rights advocates by Kim Casey was great. Knowing there are such abysmal and degraded human beings marching in flak jackets while heavily armed illustrates the dangers that President Donald Trump has sowed. He advocates violence when he says there will be civil war if he’s not elected. For Trump, his advisers and their supporters, a great economy means gambling on the stock market and a bounty of minimum wage jobs stacking boxes in a warehouse.

Proud patriot

I am proud of those patriotic Americans who are willing to stand up for what they believe, against public condemnation. Rights are rights, regardless if technology advances. The letter writer Kim Casey was right about one thing: People who spread propaganda and put their names to it are unpatriotic and anti-American.

Local business

I am thrilled to see businesses in Haverhill open. Boarded-up buildings have become an eyesore. To shame anyone for having a business open, regardless of your political party, is upsetting. I’m looking forward to Democratic stores opening, maybe a “Feel the Burn” shop? Support small businesses.

Who’s corrupt?

I love how all the people upset about the corruption in the Methuen Police Department are the same ones who support our very corrupt president of the United States.

Hate everything

Hillary Clinton, Rep. Joe Kennedy III and liberal pundit Chris Hayes are three high profile voices leading the chorus on the left that is calling for an end to the Electoral College. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said this week the concept that Americans can pull themselves up by their own bootstraps is "a joke.” Is there any part of our actual country as it exists today that the left views favorably?

Medal of Freedom

Instead of being fired by a draft dodger, Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman should have received the Presidential Medal of Freedom. Instead it was given to the racist talk show host Rush Limbaugh.


Acquittal without a trial leaves the question of guilt or innocence open in the court of public opinion. But most people who’ve seen the evidence and aren't on a Republican Party payroll have already come to a verdict of guilty. What do you think?

Christian choices

The Rev. Billy Graham is rolling in his grave as he watches his son, “Junior,” fawn over our president. The mystery of history will be why evangelical Christians hover over such an unrepentant criminal. President Trump makes me sick.

Leaning tree

Methuen’s tree department should consider taking down a large tree on the town edge of West Street. Although healthy, the monster’s trunk is leaning into the street, making cars and school buses go into the other lane to avoid getting too close. The tree is on the right moving away from Pelham Street. I have noticed a school bus roof coming close to the tree. Over time it may lean into the street even more.

False pretense

Mayor James Fiorentini's latest deception is using taxpayer money to meet at Union Street Park to pretend he’s asking about potholes and street lights. He’s really setting up voter registration tables, as if town departments can't find the potholes on their own. He’s lying about town services so he can register people.

Cable competition

I own homes in Haverhill and Florida, and I subscribe to Comcast at both. In Florida, where there is competition for cable television, I have more service for far smaller monthly payments. It is time for Mayor James Fiorentini to eliminate the cable hostage situation in Haverhill, while a not-for-profit enjoys the benefits.

Move on

It’s disheartening to think the City Council is still divided so early into Mayor Perry’s term. I understand how hard Steve Saba campaigned against Perry, but it’s time to move the city forward.

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