Wake up

Drugs are the root of most violent crimes in Lawrence, about a dozen bars and clubs are centers of the local drug activity. Lawrence's bars and clubs are more violent and drug-ridden than others in Massachusetts. When are the taxpayers and decent citizens in Lawrence going to wake up!


I am one liberal that will not feel bad if the Republicans take over. After many years gone by, I realize that anyone under 70 does not realize the havoc the conservatives have brought to this country. After a disastrous eight years of their leadership which was the second worst in history — Hoover was the worst — it is only fitting that they should get in again to get us out of this mess. As I previously said I will not feel bad because they will show us once and for all how badly they have affected the middle class and have always lowered our standard all down through history. If they have really changed and improved our status I will be the first to congratulate them.

Follow Cuba

I see that Cuba is laying off 500,000 government workers and restructuring many of their salaries because the private sector can no longer support their bloated salaries, perks, etc. It's nice to see somebody doing something about this problem. I just wish the United States would smarten up and follow suit. Who ever thought that Cuba would be more progressive than we are?

School websites

Why do Haverhill Public Schools have websites for each school when they don't bother to update them? Why don't they get kids in the high school who are taking computer classes to update them. That could be part of their grade. Have each students be in touch with teachers and schools which would allow them to update the website. Surrounding towns use websites for their schools which makes it a lot easier for parents to find information they may need.

Spending too much

Oh, I just checked my house and land assessments for 2010. My property value went down over $24,000. So that means my taxes will go down now, right? Yeah, that's what I thought. Government gets so used to fine gourmet dinners out for so long, it can't even think of a "brown-bag budget." For shame.

Scheduling problem

Speaking of how the Lawrence elementary and junior high schools are failing our kids, the high school isn't doing that much better. My daughter, an honor student, who has constantly done very well both in school and on the MCAS tests, was encouraged to take as many AP classes as possible. Then the school made sure that she couldn't take all the AP classes she signed up for by scheduling them in such a way that she was forced to give up the one class she wanted and needs most for the career she wants to have. And she wasn't the only student forced to give up classes that in some cases are more than wanted but needed. I would really like to know what the people in charge of the Lawrence educational system are thinking.


This is in response to the parent concerned about Methuen's full-day kindergarten: All I have to say is OMG! You poor thing! Your child will be fine — it's you who cannot handle the full day. When I was growing up, I attended a parochial school and the kindergarten was a full day. Yes, it was a long time ago and in the age when moms stayed home with their children. So, there goes your theory on why there is a full day. I survived and I didn't turn 5 until November. So, I was much younger than the children going to school these days. Your daughter will be fine. It's only a few more hours. And, what will she do at home that is so important? Don't you think learning is more important than hanging out with mom?

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